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Csárdás by Monti (with Tommy Davy, guitar)

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Babadjanian Piano Trio in F# Minor: 2nd movement (with Saguaro Trio)

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Bach Double Concerto: 1st movement (with Arnold Steinhardt, violin 1)

Arnold Steinhardt: 1st Violin - Luanne Homzy: 2nd Violin - Colbun Chamber Orchestra
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Ravel Piano Trio in A Minor: 1st movement (with Saguaro Piano)

Saguaro Piano Trio: Luanne Homzy: Violin - Peter Myers: Cello - John Chen: Piano
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Schubert and Folk Songs Mix - arranged by L. Homzy - (with Trio Dinicu)

Trio Dinicu: Luanne Homzy: Violin - Tommy Davy: Guitar - Marlon Martinez: Bass
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Beethoven Quartet op. 18 no. 1 (1st movement)

Luanne Homzy: Violin 1 - Kelsey Blumenthal: Violin 2 - Steven Dann: Viola - Franz Ortner: Cello
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Trio Dinicu: Ciocârlia (The Lark)

The internationally renowned string trio records their take on Eastern European folk and gypsy music at Eastwest Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Luanne Homzy - violin
Tommy Davy - guitar
Frank Anastasio - bass
Steve Metcalf - video
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Fauré Sonata, 1st movement

with John Chen, Piano
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Arensky Trio, 1st movement

Saguaro Piano Trio
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The Whistle Hora

Trio Dinicu
Video Type: YouTube

Csárdás by Monti

with Tommy Davy, guitar
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