When I first saw Luanne Homzy perform Gypsy Music with her trio a few years back I was taken by her virtuosity and full-blooded musicianship. She was performing the Django Reinhardt material and similar works with the kind of pizzaz that only select few players achieve.
I have recorded her at my studio a few times since since then and recently wanted to hire her California String Quartet for the score for my recent TV Series. The studio was booked and I was super excited. But then the lockdown happened and we had to go to Plan B.

Fortunately, this worked out really well. Luanne did the orchestrations for me and performed three of the parts from her home. It sounds great, it has the above mentioned pizzaz and I am very happy. It’s always a pleasure to work with her and the results are always top notch.

Reinhold Heil, Film Composer
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