A masterful execution was staged last night at the Vallisa auditorium, in the fourth and penultimate concert of the Bari International Music Festival. International teachers took turns on stage alongside the Canadian virtuoso violinist Luanne Homzy in the concert "Alla Zingarese". The event, strongly supported by the master Fernando Altamura for the city of Bari, will conclude tomorrow with the long-awaited concert" Toward Jazz."

An evening called "exciting" by many of the spectators in the Valla auditorium. Yesterday, Luanne has truly showed exceptional talent on the violin, accompanied on several pieces, from time to time, by pianists Fernando Altamura , David Fung and Elizabeth Schumann , as well by the viola of Ettore Causa and the cello of Peter Myers.

The climax of the evening was the interpretation of " Tzigane ", composed in 1924 by Maurice Ravel, in which Homzy, accompanied on the piano by the master Altamura, gave life to a thrilling performance enhanced by a particularly complicated technique that requires " pizzicato" by both hands, which has highlighted the extraordinary talent of this artist .

The BIMF will present tomorrow its last concert, " Toward Jazz" , at the Vallisa auditorium at 20:30 . It was the first edition of the international festival of classical music in Bari, with the satisfaction of many spectators and organizers too. Master Altamura has also confirmed: the overcoming of every expectation in both the public response, both in the stream of the master who assisted the concerts. This success bodes well for the second edition.

About " Toward Jazz ," Altamura said: " Saturday's concert you will find more accessible to the public , because it talks about the influence of jazz music in the works of Debussy. Then, leave the music of Debussy and we will make a trip across the Atlantic , with the sounds of Gershwin until some Jazz Paganini. It will be a concert absolutely not to be missed.

June 22, 2012

Pasquale Amoruso



Pasquale Amoruso, Il Quotidiano Itliano Bari, Italy
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