Teaching Philosophy

Teaching philosohpy:

I have a holistic approach to teaching the violin, which considers physical, mental, emotional, and psychological factors. My main goals are:

  • To give the tools to the student to achieve their highest potential.
  • To eventually achieve student independence from teacher.
  • To encourage student into making their own artistic decisions while retaining technical precision and stylistic taste.
  • Focusing on: posture, technique, musicality, performance, artistry, stage presence, stage fright, sytlistic decisions, mental focus, business and promotional aspects.


I help students with:

  • Technique, études, studies and exercises
  • Solo pieces
  • Orchestral and school auditons
  • Competitions
  • Touring practice and performance management
  • Recording techniques
  • Improvisation
  • How to chose the right instrument, bow, accessory
  • Non-classical genres include: jazz, pop, rock, fiddle, gypsy, ethnic, folk


I coach:

  • Piano/violin 
  • Chamber ensembles with or without piano (duos, trios, quartets, quintes, sextets)
  • String Orchestra


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